Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Aren't we amazing - protest at IoBM

I was caught in shock, seeing a sudden dramaSome of us are in resentment and forging our Pakistani Identity like never before!!

The story starts with the protest by residential near CBM they blocked the road because they don’t have electricity.

First of all why they don’t have electricity was it’s their fault or KESC? Mostly load shedding of long duration are done in the areas where leakage of electricity is above par. Many homes are running on KUNDA system. If the scene is this then no reason to protest!!

If the story is other way round then it should be a chaos free protest why Pakistanis always creates mess for their own people?

What is the reason to stop students from going to their educational institutes?
Students from CBM, BIZTEK and PAF KIET were stuck badly! We feel content by punishing those who by no means were part of all the mess.

Now the second part is far more interesting :/
Our very own IoBM management was not aware of the situation LOL!
Instead of immediate action they are waiting for some more interesting stuff to happen. Where is all decision-making stuff we taught on daily basis? Does our university have that?

More than 15 vans were there on the main road with no security. Management makes us stand there for approximately an hour. What was the reason? Cant they identify the situation and take a quick decision?

If some student get harmed or else what gonna happen?

Have heard from many seniors about IoBM management sluggish decisions but experiencing it was really pathetic. We are considered to be an elite business school, so where we ourself? Are we delivering what a reputable business school in Karachi should deliver?

What image would society portray of such careless attitude?

P.S We love our university but some management issues :/ i heard students cursing them please anyone who read pick out the positive message to rectify it for future. Some comments by students add how harmful it can be.






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