Monday, April 30, 2012

Learning - Interpersonal Communication and Skills with Mehvish Saleem

The learning in IPCS class is a very interacting experience. Many day to day conducts are rectified and integrate those with professionalism. Learning includes the purpose and goals of interpersonal communication. How to make it effective? What principles to follow. Some sessions are very provoking to apply those things for the good.
The most learning sessions of the course were self-esteem and conflict management. Presentations and role play made us learn a lot. Innovations and unique presentations by all groups was a learning process.
this is YOU

Self concept and self esteem make us to ponder on our grooming and it adds value to our lives in real terms. This was the point in life when I put the status on Facebook that this semester would make us learn what self esteem is all about, which is really effective. Values and believes are taught which we relate with leadership skills as they are taught in our OB course.
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Another skill which is very necessary for professionals is listening. Its importance can be analyzed by the research which considers listening as a key attribute of effective leaders and persuaders
Effective listening skills and its importance were taught. Most valuable stuff is that I started listening things with more concentration and observing the environment which groomed me. Non verbal language was taught with excellent proficiency regarding and many professional aspects were covered which was of great importance. 

Time and stress management skills were really effective and its application can bring success in all walks of life. It is so important for the employees and individuals that companies invest thousands of rupees to make their employees efficient regarding it.
stress management
Effective steps of stress management should be applied which plays key role in your success.
Persuasion is the most important skill which is covered in the course which is necessary for the managers and leaders. When once ma’am asked about any event where persuasion skills are applied by us? A situation hit my mind and I wonder I never ponder on it.
Conflict management makes us learn key attributes necessary for the managers and leaders. It develops negotiation skills in the students and the role play added the value to foster our thinking and building our skills up to the level required.