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London Olympics - Archery Fans

The fever of London Olympics 2012 has on flow. All the updates on this blog on daily basis with Umer Hafeez
I love the trending pattern on twitter, must say Olympics never be so interesting if there is NO twitter.

The inception of London Olympics 2012 is on Friday and the event I love to follow is Archery. 

You need a little guidance on Archery... Lets see!
There are four events Individual Men and Women, Team Men and Women.

Love to mention ALISON WILLIAMS I love her the most in Archery

The updates are as follows!

 Korea have set a team world record of 2087 points, with Dong Hyun Im setting an individual world record with a score of 699/720, at the Men's Individual and Team Ranking Rounds of the Archery event at the London 2012 Olympics in which Tarundeep Rai was the highest-placed Indian but at a disappointing 31st place.

Other than Rai, who scored 664 points from 72 shots, Rahul Banerjee is placed 46th with 655 points, followed by Jayanta Talukdar at 53rd with 650 points. Due to the disappointing performance of the trio, whose collective points are counted as team rankings - India are placed last in a 12-team event.

After the ranking round, the 12 teams will shoot in a head-to-head elimination format. Each team will shoot four sets of six arrows (two arrows per archer).


The USA has consistently performed very well in Olympic archery.  When you look at all the medals won for all archery events from 1900-2008, the USA in at 2nd place overall, behind Korea.

Here is a video for Archery an BowHunter Fans and Brady Ellison

Save Environment - For Stable Future

Save Environment, before it get too late. The mankind has his fate in his own hands whether to save it or destroy it in the name of luxury!

Find alternatives and plan more plant each and every day! Environmental Issues are important to consider, which is not ever discussed in our society.

The reason being a backward nation we don't value nature and environment in return we are unable to reap most out of it.
Use your brains and get united for a cause to save environment.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

PCSO’s ’Free the Beach’ Campaign

The remarkable ‘Free the Beach” campaign, was held at themost classic andcomplimenting location of the Karachi Beach, by the Pakistan Community Services Organization (P.C.S.O).
P.C.S.O is a not-for-profit organization working to better the community in many different aspects. It has a dedicated team and has big aims for the future of Pakistan.
Previously, P.C.S.O had worked for natural disasters’ relief. In 2008, when the catastrophic earthquakes struck the Northern areas of Pakistan, P.C.S.O donated two fully-loaded trucks of grains, water, lentils and flour by taking them to the affected areas themselves. Also, in 2010 when the floods struck and severely damaged the Pakistan Community Services Org. reached the concerned areas with four loaded trucks of relief goods.

This time Team P.C.S.O decided to enlarge its base and not only work for seasonal disasters. The “Free the Beach” drive was a truly unique community-orientated event aimed at sweeping the negative attitude towards Pakistan away from one place, this time, the beach.
The event was rehearsed a day before in the “Boot-camp”. Mr. FaheemVohra, an aspiring trainer and initiator of The (Gujarati) Youth Conference, actively trained the team of Youth Facilitators and White-shirts. Diljeet Kumar, another young trainer, moderated the event with great enthusiasm!
The event was also supported and attended by numerous NGO’s as well as Syed AdeelKhurram of Strings. This was followed by Mr. ArslanLarik’s(A well-known and widely respected trainer) thought-provoking main talk about keeping the beach litter-free, followed by a symbolic ten-minute beach clean-up. He went on further to highlight the benefits of mud- such as in lowering anxiety levels and depression. He also spoke about the general deficiency in Pakistan’spublic of‘not having a problem with the problem itself’, especially when it comes to the ignored, dirty public toilets and the safety of women when stepping outside their homes.
Sumrah Ahmed, another inspiring personality, then spurred the youth into actionby challenging them to find different discarded items, making a sand model to ‘clean the negativity from inside Pakistan’, creatinga human tower and a man-made crescent and a star, in teams. These activities were thoroughly enjoyed by all and they had the youth actively participating in sweeping the negativity away from the beach, as this was team PCSO’s target. Last, but not the least, the “youth Guru”, ZainGoplani focused his interactive talk around “doing something to address Pakistan’s basic problems ourselves rather than just leaving them to theauthorities (as the audience responded), and using our resources, e.g. teaching children for free.

Lubna, a medical student, remarked that the crowd was very decent. This indeed rings true. The crowd ranged from students to families and also different organizations and all of them were attentive and positive. Thankfully, the event was carried out without any disruption.
The Media Partners for this event were KTN News, Metro 1, Daily Naibaat and Maheshwarz Studios.
The timings and weather, throughout the event remained excellent and made it easy for us to enjoy the campaign.We all began to think about Freeing the Beach while sitting, standing, listening and watching the event unfold.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Donation Drive - Kumak, Books Shack and Splash!

I and Hassan Motiwala running a social enterprise Books Shack through which we teach poor kids. A glimpses of the event carried in collaboration with Kumak and Splash!

A recent donation drive was conduct by Kumak Pakistan, Books Shack and Splash for the unprivileged kids of the society. The collection point was Safari Park, which is accessible in Karachi and a well known place. The donation drive went a great success for all three organizations. We have collected a good amount of books, clothes, toys and money. These donations are allocated and distributed among the desire people. By small deeds we can spread happiness among the unprivileged part of the society and this was the main concept to conduct this donation drive.

The part of the event was the youth, which has the zeal and passion to serve the nation and carry their efforts for the betterment of the society. Khushboo Rafiq, Umer Hafeez, Saadi Makhdoom, Hassan Motivala and Sabina Altaf were they key people participated in the donation drive.

The idea was generated by khushboo Rafiq from Kumak and collaboration ends on a very positive note. Roshni trust was our supporter in the event and donated a good amount of books, toys and money. The enthusiasm for volunteering the event was among the small kids and teenagers, which is a very positive point. Last, but not the least Circles Magazine and Roshni Trust all three organizations are thankful to you people.

#Passion for Black and White #Art

Each and every picture in this blog is giving a dream to be passionate, achiever, doer, zealous, ardent and champion!

I am getting a provoking idea to strive!

Phases of Life!

An excellent photo taken by my friend regarding phases of life, this remind me of Shakespeare's Seven Stages of Life. Though, my friends creativity changes into Six Stages Of Life.

The idea to click this picture is awesome and sparks the excellence of creativity in my friend's mind. I love to share this with all my friends all over the world.

Hope you all liked it ;)

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MEN - Top 5 swimmers

Swimming is a sport for enthusiastic and passionate people. In Olympics the respond by audience and support to swimmers is a great heart-filled moment in life!

Listing below are top five swimmers among men, all of them are pride and honor for their country!

Mark Spitz

Matthew ("Matt") Nicholas Biondi

Johnny Weissmuller

He is also famous for his role as Tarzan in the film TARZAN

Ian James Thorpe

Michael Fred Phelps II

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quotes by Stephen Covey

Stephen Covey Quotes are life changing advices!

Read these quotes and think for a while and analyze your life. You will find a way to rectify your mistakes and move ahead with enthusiasm

Stephen Covey - R.I.P

Some people are inspirational and enthusiast that they define the future of your life. Yes! Stephen Covey is one of them. If you do not know anything about him, but you heard the name of his "SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE." The book is a remarkable piece of work and changed life of millions around.

Inspired them to strive.

Inspired them to be Passionate.

Inspired them to look for a brighter future. 

The amazing thing about Stephen Covey is he has written many books, which are as a guideline for the leaders today. 






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