Monday, July 2, 2012

Euro Cup 2012 - Spain the Champions

Spain you proved to be the greatest team for all time. You nailed the final in an unbelievable manner the thrill and excitement for Spain was all awesome!

Sitting with friends and a lot of fans in a cafe of Karachi was an experience never to be mentioned.

Spain received excellent goals from David Silva, Jordi Alba, Fernando Torres, and Jesus Matta. You would love to know the fact that Spain has become the first team to win three major championships in a row.
Spain has become the second team in the history of Euro Cup to become win the Grand Finale for the third time after Germany.

The performance was unbelievable not allowing Italy to go for a single goal. What a strategy!
Learn to fight with your competitor and challenger the way Spain did. Magnificent!

Last, but not the least many supporters were there for Spain around the globe. Pakistanis were acting like crazy and some Indian stars as well.
I find the picture of Poonam Panday supporting the ever great team Spain with her love

The pressure on Spain was intense and Italy started very well, but the champions broke the illusion and prove themselves. Kudos!!!!

Catch the final moments of the victory of champions :D


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