Friday, January 20, 2012

Second semester - FIRST LESSON

The journey of life always differs from person to person. It begins when a man starts struggling with faith on himself. A person wisely said:

“It does not matter you born poor but it do matter if you die poor “

We all are the writers of our journey how to spend it and where we want to see ourselves. Therefore we have to analyze our presents and should make it effective to achieve a goal in life. Most of us thinks about future instead living in present and make it a heaven. This is the sole reason of materialistic world.

The thing I want to disclose is that we should understand our lives. What it is all about?

If we say earning good,have a good standard,eating more and more food ( PAKISTANIS are more towards it ) then elephant is more successful than us (as he import and exports a larger amount of food).

But the life is all about understanding yourself, realizing you are not only with your body in this hell universe. God has annexed a soul with us which should be nourished simultaneously with the body.

This was the central idea I have depicted from the first lecture of sir Shiraz, which make us think what life is all about. Thinking sincerely from your heart not mind, you won’t be rational if thinking from mind about the purpose of life.

This concept was further ignited by sir ijaz on his appearance as a guest speaker. He made us realize us where individuals are lacking and as well as nations. Some interesting talks by him which indeed contains a message are,
·         We are always worried about the people's comments that’s why hinder to do what we feel like.
·         Mardam shumari 18crore but mard shanasi 18 hai.
·         Pakistan mai 2 qism k log hain ek sust dosre mast.
·         We easily waste our time but have we ever calculate ROI on our time?
·         What is optimism? Where it leads us?
·         Should read IQBAL and analyze it and develop self esteem and sense of responsibility
·         Hypocrisy! When we will be out of it? In fact it hurts most to the person who does.
·         We are not becoming thinkers instead we are becoming rot learners to make money money and money
·         Self efficacy should be developed
·         Leg pulling, instead find your flaws and screw them up you will be doing well.
·         The most important is to develop FAITH on yourself as well as on your creator.
·         Humility! WOW this is something we don’t know.

Getting success its simple !

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ways to celebrate New Year

New year eve, a joyful event for many and everyone has different ways of enjoying it. Many went to bars, clubs and had drinks with their friends to celebrate the night. Some were involved in fireworks. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? That we did something different on New Year’s Eve. 

But the fact is, we never realize the ground reality that we are among the third world country, not enjoying but wasting our resources in this manner. Can you imagine how our country’s masses with limited resources waste money on fireworks? 

We cry on our education system, we cry on our health department, we cry on our industrial sector and curse our government that it doesn’t utilize resources efficiently. Do we ever stop and think about what we are doing? 

Aren’t we doing the same as our politicians to whom we blame to be the most corrupt individuals on the earth’s surface? JAAG PAKISTAN JAAG! 

Be sensible and rational with your expenditure and resources, please. Have you ever imagined that the money you wasted on fireworks and partying can actually buy happiness for many individuals? 
We don’t ever think about the deprived part of our society at the time of our happiness. The money wasted on the fireworks, if collected, can come up with a little business for jobless people or admission and book fees of children who can not afford it. Mr. Richard whom I encountered at a conference, working for deaf and dumb children in Pakistan, have a thought of helping the deprived with our money instead of wasting it. Bring happiness on the faces of those who think happiness is just a dream. Do observe you will find many opportunities in our society. 

Hope this article shifts the way we spend our resources. 

Getting success its simple !






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