Friday, April 13, 2012

FACING THE GIANTS - Transformational Leadership!/UmerHafeez
The film – facing the giants another movie full of inspiration. A movie which involved me for 1:50minutes. Though I again find it not only the movie but the complete way leaders, team and organizations works.

The movie portrays the story of a coach the story starts showing the failures of the coach in his personal and professional life. He has some biological issues and that was a cause they had no child. In professional career he was a coach of a high school football team and no improvement in there performance for past 6years. Now with personal issues he came under a conspiracy done by management with his assistant to kick him out !!!

All the waves of de motivation is discouraging him to loose hope and faith. But GOD has selected him for some work I guess!

He prayed to GOD to show him the way and guide the path to live in the best manner. The other day at office he met a messenger who taught him some verses from the holy book which is the turning point of his life and the film.
His strategy to motivate his team changes and leadership persuasion was all depends on belief on the power of ALMIGHTY!

Though rocky is used as an igniting agent for the team when unleashed potential is disclosed by the coach. He does a simple change THE PERCEPTION!
He made them realize what are they capable of and how to fully utilize their hidden potential. The faith has worked enormously unbelievable that the team started winning the games and reached to the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP *A moment to look behind and thank to GOD to raise us from zero to hero*

The belief on GOD was so strong now they find football as a way to please their GOD with the skills they have. Just prepare to give your best and success is yours. The happy ending of the film and the positive message had a great impact on my heart and soul.
Recognize your power, your potential, your GOD – and how powerful HE is. Once take step after believing HIM you never be guilty of it.


Muhammad Owais Aden Walla said...

Great Work Umer!

Sanober Shaikh said...

superb very well done dear :) keep up the good work !!!

Hayyan 10011 said...

Wow ... incredible effort bro ..

ALI SHAIKH said...

amazing work umer

Fatima Zahra said...

Good efforts Umer, I like your clear description.






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