Monday, April 23, 2012

Desolate Road and I

On my strange meeting with a guy and it was time at night. Waiting for the bus to come was coming back from TIME OUT – FORUM after taking the interview of Brand Manager Loreal Pakistan. A friend of mine dropped near allied bank at Khalid bin waleed road. It was a dark night though I was waitng for the bus and the silent road. I was of the view YAAR MOBILE NA CHEN JAE :-p

A old age uncle came and ask where you will go, he look so strange to me though I was talking him in a very positive manner. I replied North Nazimabad. He said I want to go there as well. I said acha and was silent. He said in which block you live. I said uncle block L , he said acha I am also going there. I said OK!

Finally the bus came and do not what was the GOD’s will but he sat with me in the bus. He want to talk to me and want to know something which I did not understand :/

He said should I tell you something if you wont mind. I replied go ahead uncle. He said I know a friend he went so states and was very generous. He earned a lot there and was ready to help his friends and relatives in Pakistan. He has a very close friend and he send him some gifts on regular basis and once he send him a car. *I wonder when he was telling me this why I don’t have such friends* :p
Though he said the friend at states called the Pakistani and told him that he is coming to Pakistan on the mentioned dates. When he depart from airport he expects that friend would be waiting for him but no one was there. He called him no one is receiving the call. Then the guy called on his residential phone and he come to know that his friend went for fishing on the car he gifted him :@

Oh my how on can feel having such friends :/ *I thought I am not that friend …. Shukar*
He said his last words as my stops was near. Beta we all are like the Pakistani friend because GOD has bestow us with naimats and all stuff and we don’t pay heed to his call :/
LESSON learned was very strong! This travel by bus changes my life … how a layman can teach you something what you have never imagined. An experience never to forget J

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