Friday, April 6, 2012

CHICKEN RUN - With the eyes of Organizational Behavior

The movie chicken run is not only the movie but it teaches a bundle of lessons to achieve organizational goals.

The communication process and unity among the chickens were awesome and a little disagreement leads to a chaos which distracts productivity of all. The movie shows strategic planning of chickens utilizing all powers (resources) efficiently with joining hands with their partner no matter they are rats. Politics is all about maintaining relations and utilizing them at the right time. In the same manner effective communication process and teamwork was marvelous.

Ginger stands out as a leader among all giving chickens a vision and mission. With all capabilities ginger thought about not only one but all the folks around. Leader is one who never thought of its own success but he tries his best to take his team with him. Ginger character shows a chicken with high spirits, positive approach and S.M.A.R.T goals. When you care for your sub-ordinates they care for you as well. When ginger was saved by her people was an excellent example of team work. The scenario also depicts that leaders don’t go for anything individually they always work on collectivism.

Ginger as a leader motivated all the chickens with the power of visualization. Dream that becomes a reality. A land of chickens where no one can rule them and they won’t be slaughter anymore if don’t lay eggs. This motivation works and finally they achieve the ultimate success and goal they want on which ginger worked day in and day out with his team.


Saami said...

Provoking deep thoughts with a smile ;)

Muhammad Umair Khan said...

nice and thanks for pointing out thing....................






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