Friday, February 24, 2012

A 20 rupees packet taught me a lesson !

Today I learned customer service from a French fries vendor.

The story begins when I step down from my car and move towards his stall. He was lying back on a comfortable seat and a child was working.
The moment he saw me, he smiled *a grin* but that make me realize that he valued me. I feel like a imperial customer the way he nodded his head and his expressions.
Then he asked: Yes SIR!
ME: I want fries of rupees 20

I really wonder instead of asking his CHOTA to make a packet for me he stood up and make a packet from me.

Then I ponder why he valued me too much because his expressions really worthy that make me feel to buy again, again and again from his stall. I reached to the result that once I went to his competitor adjacent stall to him and that guy was preparing fries. I didn’t wait and approach the stall I am talking about and he facilitated me very royal.

Last night when I went towards the same market I saw the competitor adjacent to him is no more :s and now he had a monopoly in the market. WOW! A practical marketing experience learned with fries vendor. I am really amazed on the encounter and NOW had become his regular customer.

Customer satisfaction, valuing your cutomer, treating him like a king I practically learned it from my fries experience ;)
Customer loyalty is the ultimate goal he attained.

Life is very strange you learn lessons from everyone. Don't ever think someone is not up to your standard and he is useless.Sometimes you learn those lessons from unlearned people that you have never imagined. I learned something which I was only taught in my marketing class.


invinciblesaad said...

That's a pretty well conversed Article, Started Loving your posts Brother! - Get Friends with Aaron Lee Wei Ren, You can Learn Alot from him as i did.

Keep it up brother!

Wafa said...

:) Full BBA approach!
Well, Nice one! Sometimes small expressions leaves deep impact on person's life!- Generally speaking:)

Finola Prescott said...

Opening our eyes to the actions and interactions of the (extra)ordinary people around us will always teach us lessons in a way that makes the books come alive...Kudos to you that your eyes are open...some people will never aquire that skill - that gift, and so will miss a lot of life's great free lessons!

Hammad Siddiqui said...

Not many customer observe so closely! Nicely written post,

Amina Bhombal said...

Very well written, I like the idea and the way u presented :)

Keep it up !






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