Sunday, September 2, 2012

7 Must-See Teacher Movies

As another school year starts up, some of us need that little extra motivation to return to the classrooms with positive attitudes. Coffee for the soul. Working with children can be both exhausting and uplifting at the same time and seeing movies with situations even remotely similar can put the most stressed mind at ease. 

1. Stand and Deliver – Kids who don’t want to learn can be hard to appeal to, but this movie demonstrates how never giving up on them can make all the difference. 
2. Lean on Me – Most anything Morgan Freeman stars in is worth a watch. This one especially as his performance of a no-nonsense-no-excuses principal earned him a nomination for AFI’s 100 Heroes! With that it’s a simple reminder that all teachers are heroes to someone. 
3. Dangerous Minds – Unconventional teaching methods can make all the difference. Unconventional teachers will relate especially to this movie due to Michelle Pfeiffer’s methods of motivating her kids.
4. Teachers – Underneath this hilarious satire is a strong message of rights and wrongs in education. In this story, a slacker teacher’s drive to provide quality learning is rekindled. The staff includes a mental ward patient, who may remind some of fellow teachers!

5. Mr. Holland’s Opus - In this touching film, Richard Dreyfuss portrays a young educator working for the money and pursuing other goals in life until he realizes the goals have become one and the same with teaching. It stands as a poignant reminder that teaching doesn’t just change the lives of your students, it affects your own. 
6. Goodbye Mr. Chips – Spanning the course of his teaching career, Goodbye Mr. Chips covers the uncomfortable initial years of his experience and follows his transition into a beloved and revered educator. Portraying such a long period, teachers who have been in the game a while, and even those who just began their career, will admire and relate to the man who defined his life by his students. 
7. Dead Poet’s Society – No list of inspirational teaching movies is complete without the memorable “Oh, captain, My Captain” scene coming to mind. If you haven’t seen this film yet, definitely go out and rent it, maybe even buy it. This classic film puts Robin Williams in a privileged but rigid private school where he must use his real world sense and creativity to teach his students how to think for themselves. 
What movies do YOU find inspirational as a teacher? 
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Jaiser Abbas said...

Nice blog post Umar :) Good luck with your writing stuff :)

Alexa Jonathan said...

Found the list pretty inspiring! Really amazing! Actually I loved all the topics of your blog. Refreshing posts!

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