Monday, May 20, 2013

Best Android App for my Samsung!

The term “phone” has got redefined with the emergence of smart phones. A phone is no more a device which can be used merely for calling or texting. All the functions of a watch, a calculator, notebook, a camera, a laptop, an MP3 player, an audio and video recorder and more can be found condensed in a smart phone.

A number of android applications are provided to the users of the Samsung which make the phone far more fascinating. Among all these, it is hard to decide that which is the best Android app for Samsung available in the market presently.

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It is a panicking situation when you can not find your cell phone around. For the solution, an amazing app has been designed which can be unanimously called as the best Android app for the Samsung. It is named as “wheresmydroid?” and as the name suggests, it helps us finding our phone in case we have either lost it or it has got stolen. The app enables your phone to ring even when it is on silent mode. You only have to go through a simple process of settings in which you can save the alarming keyword. Whenever your phone will receive this word, it will start ringing and then you can find it easily. Does not this feature sounds like the best Android app for Samsung? Surely it does.

Moreover, in case of theft or confiscation of a phone, the app works in the way that it lets you know the location of the phone after tracking it through the GPS system. Furthermore, you will get to know through this app if someone has replaced the SIM card of your phone. It also gives you the autonomy to erase your personal data even when it is inaccessible plus you can lock your phone completely so that no one can pry into your personals. Only the best android app for Samsung can hold this much to offer to the users.

Do you think it is the best android app for you as well?

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