Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rolling Laptop (Future Kids Tech Gadget)

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When we go back 8 to 10 year down the line, if we see we were not so blessed with the technology gadgets like laptop, tabs, notes, or big screen mobiles. The technology has been changing its face so fast that what was fashion yesterday is not in vogue today. Forget that your next generation, or kids will be using the same technology as we are right now. Hence it will also happen in case of laptops. A concept of futuristic & next generation Rolling laptop named as “D Roll” already came into existence.

D-roll is a way distinctive from usual laptops in both shape and function. It looks like a long tube shaped and it has an OLED detachable and foldable screen with flexible keyboard which can easily roll and push inside the tube when not in operational mode. It will cut down the tension of how to carry a laptop with oneself, now it’s just a long tube one can easily carry it in hand or hang it on his shoulder. “No Need” to carry a full school bag for taking laptop from home to university or to a Job.

When it is operating in full function mode, the laptop is unfolded completely and all peripherals are turned on. The main display is turned off and a smaller screen, attached with main body is turned on allowing the users to check and send mails when D-roll is under email mode. On one end of circular tube it takes in cool air to cool down the processor and on the other hand exhaust fan is attached to throw hot air from tube. It continuously cools the laptop allowing the system to run efficiently and smoothly.

Speaker holes are given on the tube allowing user to listen sound or music loudly. It has also a detachable video camera one can fix on either side of the tube. It has also wireless mouse with it. If you want to shut it down and wrap it all, here is a simple procedure;

  1. Detach the flexible OLED Screen and roll it up.

  2. Roll up the flexible keyboard and store it in the bottom of the notch.

  3. Insert the rolled screen into the long circular tube.

  4. Now put the mouse on as a cap and it is ready to take a flight with you.


Another interesting feature this D Roll laptops have is when you just need to check your important email or login into your favorite social website, you don’t need to attach a full OLED screen with it. There is an LED Screen on the rolling surface of tube; you can easily access your email or website. It is also an energy saving feature of this laptop.

Well I think this technology will come into market by leaps and bounds up till 2020 or more. As far in my opinion the primary reason for this late production is that consumer market is not prepared for such high-tech gadget right now and need time to build mindset for the arrival of this invention.

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