Monday, May 14, 2012

EMAHO photo walk - Realize the truth of life

Emaho photo walk something A-mazing sounds to me. Though I wish to be the part of the event but some commitments were the hindrance.
I am working on my report :p

Though to have a blog on it, many pictures provoke me to  connect my thoughts with them.

Found it in the last putting it on the top :D sheeraz sahib shukriya
Roses are Red

Hmm, what thought came in my mind seeing it?

A destiny which is unknown ! It seems to be relentless and unrest. I have the path but am I able to conquer. Some fears and some disillusions. But as I started things will be start getting clear and may be I will make the unknown KNOWN ! HAZAM krlo jitni b wakhri science lge :-p

Find the way

Church near lucky star… watttta affects remind me of Ven Helsing ;)

churches in Pakistan 

Take a shot, put him to death. Lol
Life is amazing giving the seen, an amazed view.

guess what?

Hahaha, this shot is perfect. I remember this building in my sub conscious always pass through this road seeing it when moving towards my grand parent’s place.

zaib un nissa street

Nice building or with expertise makes it great ! 

Aww, finally I have seen mangoes of 2012 …. The end of the world year :o

mangoes of Pakistan

Oh khair ! spider man you really make a mess.                                                                   
Sudhar jao :D

electricity in Pakistan

Oye hoe, healthy foooood :D lol

All brilliant ideas we discuss on dabbad , cost saving with the ambiance and taste toh bs CAFE PILAYA toh yaddd he hai apko :D

My brother’s sharing GARMI KA DUSHMAN :d

DARK SIDE OF THE STAGE L this life is …. How they manage !!

Can life be this way as well? Kabhi socha hai? :/
poor pakistani

These faces! I feel like to start something to provide smile on every one’s life. How difficult life would be for them? Have we ever pondered??

The golden wings can make you fly  :-D

And this is !!!! oh friends thanks to GOD for bestowing such a wonderful life which make us enjoy every moment along with our luxuries.

I love to walk on this pavement. Awesome click!


But with some hard realities , take sometime for the people who need you in any manner and for your society :) WE HAVE DREAMS for PAKISTAN , HOW much WE are working to make them true? Ask you heart all truth are buried there. Ponder a little you will find the OMEN to guide you.

Writing this blog is the work of my passion to display the reality of our city charsi, unprivileged people. Hope the photographers also develop sympathies and some must be working to get best out of their life for the community.

PAKISTANI - tussi awl great ho si ;)

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M. Salman said...


M. Salman said...

but wht abt the measures to stop or make it better. i think every 1 knw the problem area bt none of us go for change. :(

hajra said...

Another good piece of writing Umer... No doubt there are thousandss of harsh realities of life... Bitter Indeed!! Action should be taken to help the unprivileged...And it should not be one or two time effort.. but a continuous one !!

Sheeraz Portraits said...

Great work..u done best..n thnx putting my flowers on top..
flowers are the example of ur blog tht we all participant like those flower n u like tht hard working man who is making bunches of u bunching our work thank u thank u so much....i like it most :)

Wacky said...

This is absolutely brilliant!!! Love the way you have carved out a story with your pictures :)

syeda Anees zehra said...

im speechless !
absolutely brilliant and geniously deleivered a msg :)
A provoke blog

ALI SHAIKH said...

One suggestion from my side, next time come up with some solutions of these problems so people who get aware after reading this blog get a way to change it.

KHan said...

this is great i like the pictures uve used

M. Salman said...


sidra said...


subhan sharif said...

Valuable and superb combination of words and photography

aisha sultan said...

amazing work umer :)

Saami said...

Nice :) keep it up.

hafiza madiha said...

nice :)

Syed Fawad Ali said...


Faraz Mehmood said...

Good effort...carry on with it n keep up the good work !!

Summaiya Habib said...

Sumaiya habib
umer!!!! its way tooo better than what i expected!! amazingly written!!

Umer Hafeez said...

thank you! stay connected and spread the message with all stuff we should be careful about the society!

Umer Hafeez said...

thank you sir

Umer Hafeez said...

thank you!
to make society better i take a step to teach poor. need your support

Umer Hafeez said...

Its really been a pleasure. I carve such topics and want to spread awareness, this is least I can do.
I am initiated with a project kindly check the link

Umer Hafeez said...

thank you !
o make society better i take a step to teach poor. need your support

Umer Hafeez said...

Thank you all. Stay blessed
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