Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sarmad Tariq - An Inspirational Personality

I was doing my research work on HRM selection though I do not know how but sir sarmad tariq struck on my mind. Though I have read him a lot and listens his talk on YouTube. Not lucky enough to meet him in person or listen to him live. Read about his life how he was and how he is and how he with his will power make himself a man of honor.

Do not know much about you but I guess meeting you will be a very good experience. While my research on way I thought to end it later and write some words on sarmad tariq before. I shared his pics and blog as well and stop my work for a while. He has been a pride for Pakistan at different international forums. The picture below shows the great Mr.Tariq competing in New York.

Read his blogs on

You will really get inspired and be careful fire on your belly should be in a limited frequency LOL.
Hope to write a detail blog on Mr. Tariq soon. Happy to at least find him on social media thank you facebook ;)

1 comment:

ALI SHAIKH said...

he is a Inspiration for our all
keep it up umer for sharing such a great information with us.........






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