Saturday, May 19, 2012

Optimism leads you to Success - Zara Sochiye

A thought provoking picture shared by Benjamin issac hale – the idea I got from this picture wish to share.

Hahaha *sarcastic* … simple this is what life is. A long way to see the light and all dark is at your arms length. Though the life is not always like this but the bad moments have a great impact in our lives. Dark clouds and the disobedient waves are always side by side. Strom will shoot you down and so what the way you have???????

Here comes the hope, the belief which makes you strong and eliminates negative words from the dictionary for YOU. Be optimistic and work for the good.

Someone asked me when we see this why should I work for good? Life is uncertain give your best shot if you succeed you will conquer and if you lose you may guide others. Therefore sometimes it happens there is no chance that we will survive or all will get ruin. But merely giving up is never a prudent decision for which a believer should not go for.

Sharing an example I experienced, paper next day and you are not well prepared.
One though is I will fail therefore AJ BHI PARH K KYA KARON GA !!!

Second is what ever I can in this I should how know this 1 question which I will prepare will be of 20 marks out 40. Therefore I am passing just pass but not fail at least. So giving up is not the solution and is never a solution.

Benjamin Isaac Hale and Qaiser Abbas – this is the blog dedicated to you. Sir Qaiser, real inspiration and I pray the real message you want to deliver they all may get best out of it.
Finding new horizons is easy when you look for the truth in your heart |Umer Hafeez| 
Mr. Qaiser life promo a short video with an impressive message -

Cheers – key to success is simple

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