Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Girl - Dream to Fly

The world has become so fast and everything is moving with a speed of light and it is an intresting phenomenon. The idea of writing a creative blog on ladies come up with a chat with my friend.

She is not feeling well. She said a year back she want to fly and do not how she could? A little mentoring and  a passion to fly make the spark in her inspired heart, which makes her fly with a dazzling speed.

I am loving her flight, but one day she came and told me I want to fly. I answered you are AIM more high!
She said I am facing resistance from different channels.

I love to know this and I know I won't be answering is more awesome.

The reason I want her to strive and find the way out on her own. This exercise is a gift for her by my side. The reason is, if you solve someones problem it does not mean you are helping her everytime. Sometimes let them solve their problems on their own and they will find a way, which make them competitive.

You would be thinking how I understand this phenomenon. All credit goes to my teacher who guided us the patterns and traits of a leader. He engraved this quote into our minds, which works in a manner I feel simply WOW!
“Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.” George Patton

Then she came to me and with an exciting sound Umer I know how to fly and maitaining the pace. I love to  being a reason for someone's happiness and success


Fatima Zahra said...

An inspirational peace of writing

Kiran Ashraf said...

I agree with the quote. We should let people find their own way..yes advices are good but don't tutor them. Let them find a way to fly on their own.

Umer Hafeez said...

thanks Fatima. I wish my blogs create a difference in people's life and trying to deliver a message every now and then :)

Umer Hafeez said...

Pleasure Kiran to have your comments. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Would love if you want to give your expert opinion in improving the blogs?

self proclaimed narcissist!! said...

omg omg omg ... this is toooo abstract for my own good :D

Sadiya said...

The plot is nice. Although you need some polishing in your grammar and the flow of writing. Keep writing and you'd be a fine writer one day. Just keep learning with every piece you write. And work on the punctuation and grammar. :)

Good luck!

M. Hassan said...

awesome bro !!!!

kory milson said...

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