Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Marketing Management - Wisdom Basket

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The first day of Marketing Management class.

Sir asked us to tell something about yourself?? I mentioned many stuff including books shack.

Though after some students a girl sitting behind me said "I did not discover my self yet, they all are cool they did" I feel it is an arrogant answer, this strikes my mind when I was thinking the lessons I learned.

After a while, my mind gave a justified answer to this query. Sir asked to tell something, definitely not all. Though you are MBA students and must discovered a little about yourselves.
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The fact is that you cannot discover yourself truly and fully up to the time came and you have a fly to heaven!

Therefore, what you had discovered you know and you are building more stories on it. So never say I have not discovered myself. YOU have discovered some stuff and still in the phase to discover. That's the humble and prudent answer is.
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invinciblesaad said...

Improvement is what i have seen! I told you, give it a time and you will flourish! Great Job with the "Story-Style" - Its the best way to connect to your audience!

Umer Hafeez said...

Thank you big B !!! :D

Hammad Siddiqui said...

Interesting post and much improved style as well. Keep it up.

Umer Hafeez said...

thank you sir! your comment is really a source of motivation and it would not be wrong to say "I am a blogger by chance, but that chance was an inspiration i have from YOU"

shireen said...

I like whteva u rite ;) :D

Umer Hafeez said...

You should love it;)
U know the context nd i m ur voice :D

Finola Prescott said...

You do have a good insight into things - I like your observation here very much. Keep it up!

Change Bond 008 said...

I came, I saw and I was impressed :) keep it up change agent

Umer Hafeez said...

Thank you maa'm, really honored with your comment. Your contribution to my work meant a lot!

Umer Hafeez said...

thank you sir! I really learned a lot from discussing you. Need your love and support:)






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