Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yours Sincerely ! :p

I am here to describe a story not a lame one but a fame one. Birthday was celebrated as a surprise, which was planned by the birthday girl on her own. Its sounds strange to you? 
Lol don’t worry we have many things along the way. I am sure you will end up laughing and enjoying this birthday, which was a fun with out the birthday girl. I know you are A-mazed again :p

Achaaa jaaooo nahi ...... m starting off with the kahani 

Kahani ki ibtida !

On a very fine it was disclosed by the girl that she has a birthday and we all should give her a surprise though her birthday on that day was a surprise for us :p

Well it was decided that birthday cake will be slaughtered without guest (WE :d ) and we are asked to come in morning to celebrate birthday ;)

Uff I know you must be thinking how hard for girls to apply such tips that their make-up will not be ruined by sun, but NOTHING TO THINK we have L’Oreal ambassador in our team ! :D

Gal koi hone he nahi ab…. Beauty tips in pocket ;)

I was lucky enough to get the lift and reached at a friends place and there I saw people left their dream with a stavic guy and getting ready for a friend. Aww is this really loves for friend or make-up? :D

Khair we are on way ! think what happen gift he ghar chor dia abi toh bachi gyeeeee… our esteem friend also want the gift at dhabba. Between don’t under estimate our caliber we are at boat basin :D

Bolo auqat h ane ki ? hai na… toh ajao we are not stopping you man! Huh get a life :*

Then the bell rang and birthday girl has to leave and the fun begins. I wish not to write and share the pictures, but I am writing it. Can you screw me up? NO na so keep your mouth shut :D
Ye birthday m lala k hath k nasha h ;) Finally we dropped the birthday girl and went to sea view, have happy Mc Donald meals ...ummm !

Lol you are thinking again why the hell birthday girl was not there... Life does not give you every chance to enjoy so ziada free na hn ! :p

I have some idea to have a great cover photo , which was copieeed !!!

We have some copy cats as well ! :p

Pleaseeee ! ek ride ??? ab 60 rupees lelo and don't OK ! You don't know our caliber ;)

Areyyyyyy camel ride at 60 rupees yaayyyyyyyy . . . .  LOL

Then our friends enjoy the horse and camel rides. Some modeling was also done by me as well lol not perfectly but posing ;) 

yARR !! meri bi ek picture le lo :p at least dp change kr ln ga :D

Khala has arrived.. Asiiiiii bhagoooooooooo yarrr :p

Though the happy desi party ends at the river side without the birthday girl :/

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Optimism leads you to Success - Zara Sochiye

A thought provoking picture shared by Benjamin issac hale – the idea I got from this picture wish to share.

Hahaha *sarcastic* … simple this is what life is. A long way to see the light and all dark is at your arms length. Though the life is not always like this but the bad moments have a great impact in our lives. Dark clouds and the disobedient waves are always side by side. Strom will shoot you down and so what the way you have???????

Here comes the hope, the belief which makes you strong and eliminates negative words from the dictionary for YOU. Be optimistic and work for the good.

Someone asked me when we see this why should I work for good? Life is uncertain give your best shot if you succeed you will conquer and if you lose you may guide others. Therefore sometimes it happens there is no chance that we will survive or all will get ruin. But merely giving up is never a prudent decision for which a believer should not go for.

Sharing an example I experienced, paper next day and you are not well prepared.
One though is I will fail therefore AJ BHI PARH K KYA KARON GA !!!

Second is what ever I can in this I should how know this 1 question which I will prepare will be of 20 marks out 40. Therefore I am passing just pass but not fail at least. So giving up is not the solution and is never a solution.

Benjamin Isaac Hale and Qaiser Abbas – this is the blog dedicated to you. Sir Qaiser, real inspiration and I pray the real message you want to deliver they all may get best out of it.
Finding new horizons is easy when you look for the truth in your heart |Umer Hafeez| 
Mr. Qaiser life promo a short video with an impressive message -

Cheers – key to success is simple

Monday, May 14, 2012

EMAHO photo walk - Realize the truth of life

Emaho photo walk something A-mazing sounds to me. Though I wish to be the part of the event but some commitments were the hindrance.
I am working on my report :p

Though to have a blog on it, many pictures provoke me to  connect my thoughts with them.

Found it in the last putting it on the top :D sheeraz sahib shukriya
Roses are Red

Hmm, what thought came in my mind seeing it?

A destiny which is unknown ! It seems to be relentless and unrest. I have the path but am I able to conquer. Some fears and some disillusions. But as I started things will be start getting clear and may be I will make the unknown KNOWN ! HAZAM krlo jitni b wakhri science lge :-p

Find the way

Church near lucky star… watttta affects remind me of Ven Helsing ;)

churches in Pakistan 

Take a shot, put him to death. Lol
Life is amazing giving the seen, an amazed view.

guess what?

Hahaha, this shot is perfect. I remember this building in my sub conscious always pass through this road seeing it when moving towards my grand parent’s place.

zaib un nissa street

Nice building or with expertise makes it great ! 

Aww, finally I have seen mangoes of 2012 …. The end of the world year :o

mangoes of Pakistan

Oh khair ! spider man you really make a mess.                                                                   
Sudhar jao :D

electricity in Pakistan

Oye hoe, healthy foooood :D lol

All brilliant ideas we discuss on dabbad , cost saving with the ambiance and taste toh bs CAFE PILAYA toh yaddd he hai apko :D

My brother’s sharing GARMI KA DUSHMAN :d

DARK SIDE OF THE STAGE L this life is …. How they manage !!

Can life be this way as well? Kabhi socha hai? :/
poor pakistani

These faces! I feel like to start something to provide smile on every one’s life. How difficult life would be for them? Have we ever pondered??

The golden wings can make you fly  :-D

And this is !!!! oh friends thanks to GOD for bestowing such a wonderful life which make us enjoy every moment along with our luxuries.

I love to walk on this pavement. Awesome click!


But with some hard realities , take sometime for the people who need you in any manner and for your society :) WE HAVE DREAMS for PAKISTAN , HOW much WE are working to make them true? Ask you heart all truth are buried there. Ponder a little you will find the OMEN to guide you.

Writing this blog is the work of my passion to display the reality of our city charsi, unprivileged people. Hope the photographers also develop sympathies and some must be working to get best out of their life for the community.

PAKISTANI - tussi awl great ho si ;)

For updates follow me on UmerHafeez

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sarmad Tariq - An Inspirational Personality

I was doing my research work on HRM selection though I do not know how but sir sarmad tariq struck on my mind. Though I have read him a lot and listens his talk on YouTube. Not lucky enough to meet him in person or listen to him live. Read about his life how he was and how he is and how he with his will power make himself a man of honor.

Do not know much about you but I guess meeting you will be a very good experience. While my research on way I thought to end it later and write some words on sarmad tariq before. I shared his pics and blog as well and stop my work for a while. He has been a pride for Pakistan at different international forums. The picture below shows the great Mr.Tariq competing in New York.

Read his blogs on

You will really get inspired and be careful fire on your belly should be in a limited frequency LOL.
Hope to write a detail blog on Mr. Tariq soon. Happy to at least find him on social media thank you facebook ;)






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