Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd Game Review

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For someone who did play in his predecessor, this one is not easy at all. You may have enjoyed winning on the earlier Project Diva, but this one is quite hard. No level is easy as I can to find out after getting knocked out a number of times, even on the easy mode. It can be disgusting if one is playing competitively but if one has been winning all along in the first version, well this one is for you.

The goodness about it is the return of the Edit Mode- 747MB free and can be downloaded from the PSN store- for anyone who wishes to edit the game to suit them. The accompanying songs however can be downloaded, although these user-created tracks can hove some copyrights in different places, you may need to confirm in you region. The list is good but it misses that catchy ones, having a total of 20 of them, returning a number of them including Sakura No Ame- Cherry Blossom Rain- enhanced from the earlier version in which Miku was singing and dancing under a cherry blossom tree with a few outdoor likes of a school here and there.

The new version has Miku with more power and style. She walks around in her old high school uniform while recording as a school teacher in Japan, quite interesting!

The 2nd version is still the best though, from the menus to the characters and Star notes makes a return although the design is not amusing at all. Activating it with the touch screen, back touch pad or the analog sticks do no good at all because the earlier one had no issues. The goodness with the recent version will be enjoyed more by someone who played the first version; otherwise it won’t bring the goodness desired. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd is a good rhyme game, am sure all fans will like the tunes.

In short, this version will not require one to go for any Japanese classes although knowledge on some katakana will help figure out on the way in the menu. In the diva room, lots of reading will help one know what they are doing while an advanced level of Japanese will be required to get the meaning out of the music editor commands. If you know nothing about the Japanese, just stick with the default songs. I can summarize this one as 9/10, not bad though!

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