Thursday, June 26, 2014

Line – The social app of the century

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This app has taken every idea we consider to be social interaction and crammed it all into one perfect app that does everything you could need. Its good reputation started in Asia and it has now gone viral and reached over 230 countries worldwide. To date there are over 470 million users taking advantage of this amazing FREE service. It offers so many features that this app will truly revolutionize the way that we socialize with one another.

It is so easy to set up as all you need to do is put in your phone number and sync it to your contacts. You are now open to a whole new way of sharing your life with others. It is putting apps such as Skype, Viber and Whatsapp to shame. Even stepping on the toes of Facebook and Dropbox a little. I do think their cute manga stickers were what hit the kids market in Asia for sure.


You have access to unlimited voice and video calls and messages anywhere in the world to anyone who uses Line. You are also able to send a variety of media from images and videos to voice notes. It also has an awesome snap movie feature that allows you to take quick videos with amazing effects and backing music to send to your loved ones.

How easy is it to add your friends you ask? So basic you simply have to open Line and shake your phones next to one another. What a clever and fun way to add and make friends. It also automatically links to your Facebook as well as your contact list on your phone.


You can have one on one chat, group chat or chats of up to 100 people. There are thousands of emoticons and cool stickers to add in when words cannot say enough. You also get a timeline much like Facebook that you can share with close family and friends. Line is truly taking the best features from each social networking app and compiling it into one awesome app that cannot be beat.

When you think it could not get better, it does. Line also offers you exclusive access to coupons for all your best social hangout spots. You can even follow your most loved artists, TV shows or celebrities and catch all the latest news and features.

The options with this app are endless and it deserves all the recognition it gets. It is refreshing to know that you can now do all that you need to on one app and can get rid of all the others. The quality of the video calls is great and the layout of the app is simple to use. Line is the social app of the century that will connect the world on one platform and provides us all the tools we need to stay connected.

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