Friday, June 27, 2014

Slingshot App Review – So disappointed

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Well I know I must probably stand as a minority when it comes to disliking this app as the exceeding popularity grows daily.Slingshot is pretty much the same concept as Snapchat and is just as simple to use with only one real function, to capture images.

You take a picture and send it to a friend. Here is the catch, your friend is only able to view the picture once they ‘sling’ a picture back to you. You can upload pictures from your gallery or one that you take on the spot, it is your choice. The idea is fun if you are looking for a game to play with your friends. There are just unfortunately far too many varieties of apps on the market that do the same thing built in.


The true genius behind this app is the way they have taken advantage of human curiosity. As human beings you cannot have someone send you a blank picture that you cannot see and not keep wondering what it looks like. They must have spent more time and money developing on the brain science instead of the app itself.

Our need to know now becomes a pain in our side for those who are too busy to be sending images back and forth. The developers know however that not knowing will just drive us insane until we see succumb and capture an image so we can see what we were sent.

I do believe there are people who would enjoy this app and have enough time to get really interesting with it, oh wait, that is not possible. The app has not got any photo editing tools or added features of any kind. So if want to send an edited picture you need to use a different app and then share it. In my opinion this defeats the point as people LOVE to edit and play around with their photos. It just seems like far too much effort when I can just send my friends pictures over Whatsapp, Line or Facebook as I have always done.

I tried to download this app about a week ago but it was not available in my country until about two days ago. What a really big disappointment, I really expected more than what I have encountered from this app thus far. The developers justify not adding any extra tools to ensure it runs faster. In my opinion if I have nothing to do all day but send pictures to my friends, time is not really my concern or how fast it works.

Maybe in time I will find a better use for this app but for now I am too busy enjoying my life instead of spamming it with others. I do tend to prefer apps that are more practical but I can think of at least five that are more practical than this with the same functions. Instagram already owns the photo market so Slingshot should just quit while they are behind as there is no chance for decent competition here.

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