Saturday, June 28, 2014

Udacity App Review – Online education just got better

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I could not have been happier when I heard that Udacity became available for android. Now I have access to courses at my fingertips wherever I go, could it get better? Udacity is an app that is a testament to online learning and definitely one of the forerunners. This app is there for anyone who has a thirst for knowledge no matter what your interests may be.

I would especially consider forcing kids about to go to college to do some of their courses and get a taste for what they are in for.

You create an account and then read through the different courses available until you stumble across one that peaks your interest. You can find a detailed description of the course materials and the lecturer. The course material is also made up of videos of lectures and course material. Once you have made your choice, it is as easy as simply starting your course.

A huge benefit is that you can do these courses at your own pace and time. No stressful deadlines or teachers breathing down your necks. This is great as you can take your time and really ensure you grasp the course material. You choose the time in your day, whether you have 15min or an hour, it is all your choice. There is no age limit or credit restriction, the world of knowledge is available to you for a more affordable price than some of your other options.

The concept was that this style of learning would appeal to your more ambitious students who are self disciplined. Your options are endless, from how to design an app to the beginner basics of psychology. Your thirst for knowledge can be satisfied right in the palm of your hand. You even get a verified certificate upon completion that you can attach when applying for jobs to show you have the required skills. Udacity allows you to do the courses on a beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

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The courses are more affordable than a college education would be. They even offer you the option of earning credits towards your fees. What a great way to motivate the world into learning without restrictions.

You can do some free courses and track your progress as you go. The videos auto-forwards once you have completed each one without you having to open them one at a time. There are many discussions you can join to communicate with others who are also taking advantage of this great learning experience.

The only downside that I can seem to point out is the fact that the app does not have an offline function. This would be really helpful for those situations when you do not have Wifi access. Not the end of the world though as most coffee shops these days have free Wifi anyway. So all you have to do is take a seat, have a cup of coffee and learn something you did not know before.

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