Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Climatology App Review I – Just another weather app

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climatology_app_icon-450x450-520x245 On 10 July Microsoft released its latest brainchild to the app market, Climatology. I took a big sigh of relief and thought to myself ‘It is about time’. Microsoft’s research team has decided to put all their long and hard work into an app so everyone can be aware of Climatology. This is at least what I thought when I first installed the app. I had recently watched the award winning ‘Chasing Ice’ documentary and hoped that this type of footage and information would be made available. All the information about our climate and global warming awareness would be at my fingertips I thought. I was wrong.

You open the app and it really does not have much to it. There is a spread out world map with colours ranging from blue to red on a grid. This is from -5 degrees which is the lowest to 51 degrees which is the highest. You can select any point on the map and it will show you the temperature as well as which months of the year. On the bottom are three different climate icons you can look for. There is a temperature gauge to show you the average temperature in that region; rain drops to show you the average number of days of rain in a month, and the sun to show you the average percentage of sunshine per day.


That pretty much sums it up and I am needless to say slightly disappointed. I would have thought that if you were going to create an app to show the Climatology of our world that you would use this to your benefit. This could be such an extraordinary platform to create global awareness. There is no point in trying to debate global warming anymore as we can see its effects daily and if not then you are either blind, ignorant or both.

How great would it be if this app could give you useful guides on how to save power and how to cut down on carbon emissions. You could even go as far as adding links to websites or research and really give people a reason to want to keep this app open for more than 10 minutes. It takes so long to scroll to a particular area and for it to load the map, users will get frustrated in no time. I would have loved the option of a search bar on the top to type in the name of a destination.


The Climatology app feels like it does not deserve the hype because it was not made to create awareness but to be a great way to plan events such as holidays and weddings. You can now feel confident in making plans for the future as you can see what the weather might be doing on that day. It is a climate based app so it deserves the name but then it is not much different from other weather apps out there and anyone who has used them can tell you how bad they are at predicting the weather forecast. This app needs a lot more work.

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