Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Slingshot App Review II – Is it really a competitor to Snapchat

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Well I must say that I was not the biggest fan of Slingshot to begin with and now I see things differently. It is no secret that this will be Facebook’s third attempt at trying to compete with Snapchat and the fact that it is the third attempt does not leave one hopeful. The app was designed by Joey Flynn in six months and was launched as Facebook’s first, and possibly last, stand alone app. I think the only way to truly get down to the bottom of this is to weigh up the positives and the negatives. So here it is:


The positive is that Slingshot is in fact not looking to be like Snapchat in the essence of it. The idea is based on the fact that only 10% of us actually post content and the other 90% merely just sit by and watch. Slingshot wants you as the user to get involved in sharing instead of just scrolling through a newsfeed. There is no way to ‘like’ a photo or a place to add comments, it is sharing your life through visual imagery. By forcing us to send something back it enables us to become part of the sharing instead of sitting on the sidelines.

The quality of the app is definitely there with the ability to enlarge text and add very cool animations. The drawing allows you to adjust colour, size and thickness of the lines with ease. The app is fast and feels far better thought out than Snapchat when it comes to layout. It is already linked to Facebook which makes it even easier to add contacts. You can also control your groups which allows for better privacy.

The images are deleted once viewed which is great as they now never have to be seen again. It also takes the pressure off from every image having to be overly edited or perfectly airbrushed.


Slingshot’s biggest difference to Snapchat is that the image shows up blurred until you send an image back. This in my opinion causes irritation because now I am forced into sending something to you in order to view the message. Maybe I just don’t have anything to share, so now I take a picture of the floor so I can see your photo.

On Snapchat one has the option to chat, where as with Slingshot you can only send text with an image. This is frustrating because if I want to speak to my friend about an image that was really funny I have to use another platform to do so. This seems pointless.

A big downside is that your username can be posted publicly or if it is simple, be guessed. This enables complete strangers to try to sling you things, and they may not be the things you want to see. If this happens you first should report them and then just swipe left on their name and hide them forever.


Slingshot is entirely its own style of app and people should see it that way. It is meant to be a revolutionising idea of getting us to interact instead of just scrolling through others lives. Sometimes we cannot find the words and Slingshot allows us the option to share a moment with an image. It gets us involved!

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