Friday, July 4, 2014

Slingshot App Review III – Tried, tested and failed.

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facebook_slingshot.0_standard_640.0 I can at least say that by the time I write this review I have truly given this app the benefit of the doubt. Instead of it being a tool for me to communicate with friends through image sharing, it has become a beeping pain in my behind. There is just nothing to it that defines it as anything special except that you cannot view an image till you send one back.

This app is not meant for the world, it is designed for a demographic. That would be teenagers who spend their waking lives sharing selfies and pictures all day long. By no means is there anything wrong with that but then don’t give the impression that it is meant for everyone. Because ‘everyone’ does not have all day to send pictures as we are too busy working to earn money to pay bills.0

I know I went on to mention that the apparent concept behind this is quite clever in that it forces people to provide content instead of just view content, this is rubbish. Facebook is a business and so they will say whatever they have to in order to create a craze and make people feel like they are experiencing something different. Snapchat works better and has more features so sorry Facebook but you lose.

Have you not seen the multiple videos out there trying to inspire us to live our lives and not just sit on our phones disconnected from human interaction. Facebook is used for one of three things. First is for those who feel the need to fuel their arrogance all day looking their best and making out as if their lives are perfect. No one is perfect or looks good and feels good all day, if you do then you are a robot. Secondly it makes other people feel worse about themselves because they scroll through the newsfeed all day and compare themselves to others. Thirdly and lastly is the worst Facebook user, those who use it as a diary and status updates go off every 15min. Enough said.


When it comes to the Slingshot app, it should be taken with as much as the grain of salt with which we take Facebook. From a human interaction perspective Snapchat blows Slingshot out the water just on the basis that there is a chat feature. Slingshot is a really dumb idea and no one but pre-teens and teens would enjoy this craze. If not them then people who have too much time. You can say that I am pessimistic but perhaps I just prefer the old school way of just sending someone I care about a personal message or making a phone call.

Slingshot is going to be forgotten just like every app Facebook tried before. Let those like Snapchat and other popular apps do what they do best, work well. Do not waste your time and download it, rather use another platform. They tried to do something clever but I just don’t see it working that well. It is time to uninstall.

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