Thursday, July 3, 2014

Duolingo App Review II – Fun Language Learning

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Duolingo_logo I have been so excited to give another report on Duolingo that I am tempted to recite my cheap Spanish phrases but I think have tortured my household enough. Never in my life have I ever enjoyed learning a new language so much. I decided to start with Spanish based on advice from friends. They say it is the easiest way to ease into other languages when you are done. So I click on start and begin my first lesson.

Not even two minutes and I have completed Basic 1 Lesson 1. Wow can it really be that easy? Yes it can. I think what makes this app so great for learning is that it is designed with such a clever way of teaching the language. You can get a question where there are four pictures and you have to select which is the boy in Spanish. There are chances for you to easily guess the translation or have to type it out which is a bit more challenging. It even includes sentence structure and a fun way to practise by repeating phrases into the microphone.Duolingo-Basics-750x468

I can confidently say that you will be kept entertained for hours. Before you know it you have learnt Spanish, French, German, Italian or Portuguese. I am by no means a natural linguist and so it is not like I take easily to learning new languages. The unique concept to this course is that each course is broken up into sub categories that are easy to follow when done sequentially. You use the information used before to help understand the new information. Each category has about 3 levels that you need to complete.

Every time you get a question correct or incorrect you have a buzzer go off that sounds like it comes from a TV Game Show. You have three hearts to start off with and each time you get a question incorrect you lose a heart. There is a progress bar above it that shows how far you are through the level. The sad owl and its adorable face pop up if you do not advance. Once completing a category you have a small brain test at the end that you can do over again whenever you like. It compresses the information for you to test yourself and get some practice.Duolingo-Screenshots

Besides it being extremely useful, entertaining, fun and at times frustrating this app is the Best! The feature I love the most is that each day I get a message that reminds me that I am on a winning streak and should continue. The guilt of ignoring this message is too much to stand so you end up doing a level or two. It is so much fun you cannot help but want to. If you are looking for a relaxed way to learn a new language that does not feel like a drag then this is the app that you need in your life.

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