Saturday, July 12, 2014

Meditator App Review I – Perfect timing schedule

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dfdsf In a new age where everyone is starting to embrace a universal consciousness it is no wonder meditation has shot up in popularity. This ancient practice has now been making headlines for its amazing potential on healing the human body and mind. I even read an article about how Hugh Jackman has meditated for over 20 years. I mean this is Wolverine we are talking about. It got me thinking that there must be something to this. What better way to come to terms with something than to try it out yourself.

I started meditating about a month ago after having been exposed to the incredible writings and teachings of Deepak Chopra. What I found to be most amazing was that he describes how most people are brought into spirituality from having felt extreme suffering. I had been exposed to very negative people and this had over years brought my soul great unrest. Indeed it is true then that suffering is what lead me to this point.MTIyMzAyODc0ODA5MDM2MDU3

Seeing as I am normally incapable of sitting still for more than five minutes I decided to download a guided ten minute breathing meditation. Before I knew it, on my first ever try I got it right and carried on into a deep meditative state for an hour. Maybe my soul just really needed that time out more than what I knew. Since then my life has honestly changed for the better and my emotions do not govern me even a tenth as much as they did before.

I started doing the Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience designed by Robert Monroe but those each take quite a bit of time. I often wished I had other audio meditative assistance that I could set on a timer. Low and behold I find this newly released app called Meditator. The app is so simple but yet provides what every start out meditation student is looking for.

You can select which meditation session you are looking for from silent to with music, to binary beats and guided meditations. You can even select from a drop down menu of selections for each. For myself though the winning feature is the ability to just set a timer and relax knowing that you will be awoken from your meditation by an automated system. I live a very busy lifestyle and sometimes can only squeeze in 10 minutes and other times I have an hour. This app enables me to plan my meditation schedule to suite my lifestyle.mindfulness-android-app

There is a section where it monitors your achievements however I find this totally unnecessary. If you are doing meditation in order to gain approval than you are missing the entire point of why it has been around for so many years. They should just keep it to the basic layout as that is all you really need. I like the fact that you can select different types of meditation as well, this really makes it more interesting. If you meditate, this app is an essential when you live a busy lifestyle.

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