Friday, July 11, 2014

Voice Changer 2 App Review – Some quick and easy laughs

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com.voicechanger2.free_3-320x535 Amongst my search for the latest in apps that have been released on the market I stumbled across this little treasure. The Voice Changer 2 app was released today and even though I have never used the first one I was intrigued. Especially as it is so entertaining to get a helium voice but always at the expense of some balloons.

I decided that only pure fun could come from trying this app and I was right. It is as simple as the name suggests, it changes your voice to a variety of different sounds. You first press on the microphone icon and record what you want to say. Once recorded you choose to save it and then select which effect you want your voice to

There is a helium option which was my first choice and then I found myself having hours of entertainment trying them all out. There is minion, drunkard, smurf and even alien. It was so easy to just push play and listen to which one I liked and then select OK when I want to save

In no time my friends were getting sent really creep voice notes as it is as easy to share as it is to record. You just save your option, click on share and choose the multiple options to spread your strange voice messages.

Call it a cheap thrill and there is no way this app will entertain me for much longer. It did however keep me entertained just long enough to give my friends a good laugh. If you looking for some mindless kicks that do not take much time but provide much laughter then this app is for you. I just hope they keep it alive and add even more voices, some famous people couldn’t hurt I guess. Overall a fun experience.

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