Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Simple MP3 Downloader – The only MP3 app you need

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unnamed I am so happy with this great find and have used it every day at least three times a day since I downloaded it. Simple MP3 Downloader is exactly what its name suggests and is in my opinion the best mp3 download app available. I work from home so this means I have full reign over what I feel like listening to all day. As great as that sounds I find myself often stuck with no idea what to listen to. I have resorted to audio books and as fun as that may be nothing beats being exposed to a song you have never listened to our finding a new favourite band.

The Simple MP3 Downloader app is so easy to use it makes me wonder why I ever streamed off Youtube or downloaded from torrent sites. Sometimes you just want the music at your fingertips right now and that is the service this provides. It has three menus on the top, short and to the point. You have the Music search tab, your Downloads tab and the Library of your music. That is all you need to have hours of endless auditory

To download a song you simply type in the name or the artist. What I particularly love is that if you type in a song name and the artist name it gives you every possible version of that song. I found myself getting exposed to some phenomenal remixes by DJ’s I had never heard of with a rock band I love. I even ended up finding some hidden treasures of songs that I never even knew an artist had done before. This app gives you all the musical information you could need. How many people loved it, how many downloaded it, song length and what genre it falls under.

This for me is one of the best apps for downloading music. You can even type a genre into the search bar and a list shows up of all the most downloaded songs in that genre. A great feature to add as often the people who rate the music are fans of that particular sub category of

Let us not deny how many times you have had a song stuck in your head and all you want to do is instantly listen to it. This is a daunting task as I now have to scroll through all my music folders, of which there are thousands, to find that one song. Now I can just type it into the search bar and there it is, along with every possible version of it that you could fathom.

I spend a lot of time searching for new music and I often leave empty handed. I also get a lot of random songs stuck in my head. It is almost as if the developers of this app had me in mind as their demographic and for that I am thankful. I see the Simple MP3 Downloader being the one essential on every smart phone so we can get smart and efficient about our music.

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